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For the Passion of sport
Every athlete, recreational, amateur or professional, has his dreams and goals.
Never give up and believe in your dreams, we will help you to achieve them.
Because every athlete is different our philosophy is based on individual and personalized training plans adapted to the needs of the athletes.

Tania Hoffmann

Trainer & Nutrition Coach
As a kid, I played basketball like everyone in my community, but without any talent.
Since the age of 9 years I have been riding.
In my early 30s I got my first dog (a Spanish greyhound) and started jogging. After a few years of jogging, I signed up for my first marathon through a friend. During my marathon preparation in Lanzarote he started at the Ironman Lanzarote. While cheering, I knew I WANT TO DO AN IRONMAN.  Eight months later, in 2012, at the age of 36 I finished the Ironman South Africa with a huge smile on my lips and got infected by the triathlon virus. 
A year later, at my first Ironman 70.3 race in Luxembourg, I qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World championship in Mont Tremblant Canada. Since then I have participated in countless triathlon races from Olympic distance to Ironman, where I regularly achieved podiums and top 10 rankings.
My biggest dream came true in 2017 when I crossed the finish line at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. Another highlight was the successful participation in the 2018 Inferno Triathlon in Switzerland.
In 2019 at the Ironman 70.3 Astana, I finished 2nd in my age group and qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World Championship 2020 in Taupo New Zealand.
In addition, I regularly participate in trail runs and did 2 podiums at the National Championships in long distance trail.
My current husband (Serge Poos) is also my trainer.
Domain of activity: Fitness, Functional Training, Personal Coaching, EMS, Nutrition and Swim Athletic
Qualifications: Fitness B License, Certified in Nutrition and Sport Nutrition, Ems-Trainer, Swim-Athletic-Trainer

Serge Poos

I’ve been in sports ever since I was a kid. After football, swimming, where I was a military breaststroke champion and automobile sports, I got passioned about mountain biking at 30.
After five years of downhill I switched to the marathon distance and drove during 4 years for a German amateur team. I achieved several age groups podiums and top ten rankings. Through my current wife I came to triathlon and have since then competed in several triathlons including Ironman 70.3 races.
Domain of activity: Endurance Trainer, Testing, Swim Analyses and MTB Technic Training
Qualifications: Ironman certified coach, Ems-Trainer, Swim stroke analysis; MTB Trail-Scout; MTB Technic-skills Level 1

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The plans are customized and adapted to your life-balance.

Very humble and professional attitude to give you the best advises.

Open minded in new technologies and philosophy of training.

David Claerebout
David CLAEREBOUT, 33, Trailrunner, Luxembourg

The Coaching Team is honest and authentic. They give you the right advices about your questions and doubts.

The training is not monotonous.

They helped me to reach one of my dreams – to wear the jersey of U23 MTB National Champion


Andreas Brokopp
Andreas BROKOPP, 20, MTB, Bereldange

For the achievement: The preparation to reach the skills / goals that you are reviewing, is “faultlessly”.

Furthermore: Communication skills, cooperation and flexibility as well problem-solving are individually and personally adapted to each athlete.

Thanks for an reaching the goal of half IM distance “City Triathlon Frankfurt”

Joan Zimmer
Joan ZIMMER, 30 , Triathlet, Luxembourg-City